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You are invited to set aside Monday nights (or another day of your choosing) as “Family Nights” and to theme these evenings around the beautiful concept of JOY. We suggest you focus with your children on one particular and specific kind of joy each month. Activity and teaching ideas for each Family Night are available on the website.

One of the most effective and proven ways to strengthen a family (and to ensure the security and happiness of children) is to set aside one evening a week for “Family Night.” Many families find that Monday nights work best since there seems to be less school, community, and church events scheduled than on other nights. Other families find that Sundays work best. The only real requirements for a good Family Night are that family members are together, that they have fun, and that they communicate. A good Family Night can be anything from playing a game together to going out together for dinner or desert. What makes it work is commitment – commitment to be there and to avoid other events or obligations one night each week.

Family Nights are also enhanced if some kind of family learning or character development goes on together. Although it should never sound or feel too much like school, “Family Night Lessons” can give real substance and help family members feel that they are progressing together.

This Internet site will provide parents with “themes” and well-tested teaching ideas for helping children of all ages with twelve monthly “joys” or values that will both strengthen their character and enhance their happiness. The teaching ideas are not just for Family Night of course, but the weekly family meeting is a great place to introduce them and get them started.

Good luck!